Pac-Manic Christmas

Pac-Manic Christmas 1.0

Christmas-themes variation of the classic PacMan game
1.0 (See all)
Play a 3D version of PacMan and collect gifts, candies, and stars instead of the points and fruits from the regular game. Navigate the labyrinth to collect all there is, but stay away from the ghosts that are trying to eat you. The game includes more than 30 levels and an original Christmas soundtrack.

The Christmas season is in full effect, and what better way to delve deep into the holiday spirit than by playing good old Christmas game? Help your hero to collect Christmas gifts, candies and stars but beware evil ghosts who want to prevent you from reaching your aim.

This free Christmas game is perfect to help get you into the Christmas Spirit!

Game Features:
- 30+ unique levels;
- ultimate 3D graphics;
- classic Pacman gameplay;
- original Christmas sound scoure;
- load/save game option;

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